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Podcast audiences are constantly growing and the Flash Briefings on Alexa are becoming increasingly popular.

People embrace podcasts as a source of information when they have their hands occupied. Over the past year, the number of Americans listening to podcasts has grown to 155 million users. 37% have listened to podcasts in the last month alone. As many as 46% of voice assistant users ask their speaker for a daily flash briefing.

There is a perfect opportunity for you as a publisher to have your content available as a podcast, flash briefing or simply via a player on your page.

Engage your audience by converting your existing website content into podcasts. automatically converts your content into a podcast and a flash briefing. We also make the content available as audio with a player that you can add to your website. You retain full control over the publishing process and can decide to publish only selected content. We are hard at work to enable monetisation options in the near future.

  • Reach your audiences when they are driving, cooking, running or working out
  • It’s all automatic - it doesn't require your time
  • Your content will be available through additional channels


Your content can reach new audiences. Audio is becoming the medium of the first choice. By using you can become the podcast publisher on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts with a single click.


We all know that starting your day with Alexa briefings is a great choice! Up to 100 million users do it daily. Use that channel to communicate with your listeners easily. Daily.

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You can add your podcast and audio articles to your website, so the users will have easy access to them. Listening is way more time-effective than reading.